Landscaping & Irrigation

A combination of science and art, landscaping requires exceptional observation and design skills. Proficient landscaping necessitates an understanding of the elements of nature and construction, and the ability to blend them accordingly. Our complete landscaping division provides exactly those abilities to the enhancement of your outdoor project. After careful observation of the natural elements and features of your construction site, we create a design devoted to showcasing your new space. Plant selection is key, and we take great care to choose the flora best suited to your property, including anything from a tropical appearance to traditional to a very practical yet visually pleasing xeriscape composition. We are especially attentive to soil conditions and the need for effective irrigation and drainage systems. With all the above landscaping elements in place, the enhanced beauty of your outdoor living area should not be restricted to daytime-only enjoyment. We provide complete design and installation of low voltage systems for spectacular and powerfully dramatic nighttime lighting effects. This can include illumination within the landscaped area as well as lighting cast on other focal points such as your house, surrounding trees, rock structures, and any other feature that might appeal to the aesthetic senses.

Landscaping & Irrigation Gallery